Biblio racks

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Biblio racks

The Biblio series of book racks offer an engineered design solution that is modular, flexible and robust. These racks are a combination of powder coated steel and panel based structural elements. The framework is entirely made from strong sheet metal construction with an adjustable shelving system with adequate load bearing capacity. Shelves are available in sheet with a stiffener added for support, or in panel board, reinforced with steel brackets and stiffener for added support. There are many size options in single and double sided racks, as well as flexibility with shelf adjustability. Accessories include shutters, sliding and pull-out tablets for quick reference, book stoppers, as well as essential features like labelling for shelves, racks and aisles. Continuous modular units can be configured in large libraries.


Framework steel sheet fabrication elements and horizontal connectors joined by zinc plated screws

Cladding pre-laminated board cladding on the side and top

Board shelves pre-laminated board with PVC edges and stiffeners, including steel rod brackets

Metal shelves steel sheet fabrication with stiffeners

Levelling legs special screws to overcome floor unevenness


Rack width 80 | 90 | 100 cm

Rack height 

  • 153 cm (4 shelves)
  • 185 cm (5 shelves)
  • 220 cm (6 shelves)

Rack depth

  • 26 cm (single sided unit)
  • 53 cm (double sided unit)

Shelf depth 25 cm

Shelf width 74 | 84 | 94 cm

Shelf adjustability 2.5 cm