Nero 5 surface writing board

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Nero 5 surface writing board

The Nero 5 surface writing board is provided with two additional folding leaves to give five different writing surfaces, which is useful and space saving for teachers by more than doubling the writing area. The writing surface could be either green chalkboard or white marker board enclosed within a sturdy aluminium profiled frame, which has a tray for chalk, markers and dusters attached.  Sturdy hinges and wall mounting brackets make it easy to handle the movable surfaces and permit the alignment, removal or shifting of the board whenever required. The board can also double up as a projection screen.


Frame wall mounted; made from aluminium sections in rounded profiles enclosing the boards, with a chalk tray at the base. Specially designed sturdy hinges allow easy handling of the movable surfaces.

Writing surface options special laminate sheets pasted onto a core board

  • Green textured finish for chalk writing
  • White smooth finish for marker writing or projection


Stationery writing surface area 200 cm x 100 cm

Individual folding surface area 100 cm x 100 cm

Fully open board area  400 cm x 100 cm