Primo cabinets

Administrative office

Primo cabinets

Primo cabinets are available in a series of sizes with a large choice in heights and widths, to suit every space and storage function in the office. The dimensions of the cabinets are designed to complement table sizes and partition heights. There are varied shutter configurations and internal shelf arrangements, designed to neatly accommodate various types of box and flat files, as well as books, registers, records and other office items. Primo cabinets feature openable shutters to provide complete visual access, yet minimise dust. Smaller units have two shutters, and the larger ones have four shutters, all of which are lockable. They are constructed from a panel board structure, and made in knock-down and flat packed condition for ease of transport.


Carcass and shutters pre-laminated board with PVC edges

Hardware high quality hinges, levelling bolts and a locking system


Height 70 | 90 | 125 | 165 | 210 | 240 cm

Width 80 | 90 | 100 | 110 | 120 cm

Depth 40 cm