Product Intended Use

Product Intended Use


  1. All our products are strictly meant for indoor use only, there should be no exposure to outdoor or even indoor areas with direct exposure to the elements like sunlight and rain.
  2. Prolonged / improper storage of packed goods at site subjecting them to humidity / heat / temperature fluctuations can cause damage or delamination of panel board and ply components as well as edges. Products should be unpacked at the earliest, and kept in an indoor, well-ventilated atmosphere.
  3. They should not be subjected to misuse, abuse, vandalism, mis-handling unauthorized repairs and alterations. Vandalism, misuse, accidents, fire, heat, water or liquid spillage, or exposure to moisture and strong / corrosive acidic cleaners are not covered by the warranty.
  4. They should not be used for a purpose other than what they are designed for.
  5. Products are designed for regular and conventional usage; excessive usage like multiple shifts can cause excessive wear and tear, beyond intended usage.
  6. No items of furniture should be dragged, but should always be lifted to move. Most products are assembled with ‘knock-down’ fittings which can give way or get damaged when dragged.
  7. Laminate and metal surfaces should be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth, which is dipped in either plain water or a very mild soapy solution and wrung out. There should be no prolonged contact or exposure to moisture, strong detergents, or acidic and corrosive cleansers to the products as well as surrounding areas like flooring.
  8. All upholstered parts should only be dry cleaned and vacuumed.


  1. In the case of fixed base chairs, please do not climb on, rock or drag.
  2. Chairs are meant only for sitting, not be climbed onto. Arms of chairs are not designed to take body weight, only the light weight of resting arms.
  3. For chairs with Tablet arms, the tablet arm is designed to take the light weight of a small book ( in case of FIXED tablet) or laptop ( in case of TIP-UP tablet). The tablet arms are not meant for sitting/standing on or used as props to climb on.
  4. For swivel chairs with castors, please restrict the movement within proximity of the workstation areas. Excessive movement with weight (person seated) may damage castors.
  5. The adjustment knobs on the rear side are meant to be turned gently, for adjustment of back, seat depth and for push back mechanism.
  6. For chairs with height adjustment using gas lift, use the lever as below:
    a) to lower: sit and exert full bodily weight to push it down.
    b) to raise: stand up and remove body weight.


  1. All storage units are meant for light office files, and should not be overloaded with heavy objects; also no additional items should be placed on top of units. Further, they should not be sat or climbed upon or used as props.
  2. a) to lock: fasten both the tower bolts (at top and bottom) prior to locking.
    b) to unlock: first unlock with key, and then release both the tower bolts before opening shutters.
    Please do not try to pull open when partially locked.
  3. Do not drag to move. In case required to move, it is important to first EMPTY completely and then LIFT and move.
  4. Do not overload or put any weight on the top.
  5. For wall mounted storage units, client to ensure sturdy brick wall and light loading, to avoid the danger of units crashing down causing injuries.


  1. Each pedestal unit comes with a SINGLE COMMON LOCK on the top drawer, which locks all drawers.
    a) to lock: close all drawers completely before locking
    b) to unlock: unlock the top drawer prior to opening any of the drawers.
  2. Open only one drawer at a time; opening multiple drawers may cause an imbalance due to the weight, and make it tip forward causing injury or damage.
  3. The front two castors are lockable; therefore the castors must be first unlocked prior to shifting, and then locked again. The pedestal is designed for minor movement within the workstation itself.
  4. Do not sit on it or use as a trolley to transport materials.
  5. Maximum permissible weight 30 kg per pedestal, which must be evenly distributed across drawers.


  1. Please do not sit on or climb onto tables, or use as props.
  2. Do not drag tables, simply lift at both ends to move.
  3. Please do not put hot liquids, spill water onto tables.
  4. Similarly, do not drag, climb onto or workstations, partitions or any component thereof.


  • Free after sales service will be given against manufacturing defects only, and not against misuse / abuse of products which results in breakage or damages.
  • In case of any problems, or repairs, kindly contact Infiniti giving details of the nature of work required along with photographs; we will arrive at the best solution to deal with the same.
  • Please refer warranty terms for details.