1 table, 5 arrangements

The Happy Trapezoid table is a part of the Infiniti Happy Table series for preschool students. This table is sturdy and safe with soft rounded corners, making it ideal for preschool, play school and kindergarten classrooms. The vibrant colour palette stimulates and engages young minds to learn while they play. The polygonal form of the table top makes it possible to arrange these tables in a number of different ways, creating a dynamic classroom with multiple configurations. This facilitates group activities, which contributes to a lively and fun environment in the classroom. An innovative and unique feature offered, is the Happy Trapezoid with a writable chalk surface.

Typical classroom configuration, with all the tables faced in the same direction, towards the teacher. This is the most common arrangement, for normal teaching sessions.

happy trapezoid arrangement 2


Circle, where all the students are facing each other. This arrangement is perfect for group discussions.


Hexagons, which are perfect for groups of six students. This is particularly useful during art and craft sessions, where multiple students have to share stationary and craft materials.

April 10, 2018