The modern classroom is an increasingly dynamic space, where teachers prefer the option of having multiple classroom arrangements. The flexibility to change the classroom arrangement, both quickly and effortlessly, builds anticipation and excitement in the classroom. This encourages student engagement and participation which in turn enables better learning outcomes. There is also an added element of fun and informality in the classroom when rearrangements are jointly done by teachers and students together. In order to facilitate this, the furniture must be light and mobile, and capable of being stacked or folded. An added dimension to the dynamic space is the connectivity of elements, to facilitate group activities.

In keeping up with the needs of the modern and dynamic classroom, Infiniti Modules has developed a range of flexible products for schools. There are many interesting designs including stackable chairs, folding and nesting tables, mobile units on castors, and height adjustable tables. These products create a sense of novelty and anticipation of change in the classroom, which helps enthuse the students. It also helps teachers in using newer methods of teaching as well as incorporating newer technology and tools.

The Flip and Lean tables are perfect examples of flexible and mobile furniture for dynamic classrooms.

Flip folding and nesting table

Lean mobile and stackable table

February 10, 2018