Support the spine

The importance of good postural support

Consider the fact that from all the elements that go into making a school, the furniture is the only one that comes into actual physical contact with the students. This is particularly true in the case of chairs, as they influence the posture and therefore health of the students. The importance of a well-made chair cannot be exaggerated, as good postural support is critical for the comfort and well-being of students, which eventually enhances their concentration and academic output.

Better chairs can amount to better learning outcomes.

At Infiniti, we have conducted in-depth research on postural support to develop the Forma chair, which has an single-piece shell. The organically shaped shell provides a continuous surface which mimics the natural form of the spine, to ensure comfort especially during long hours. The Forma shell is responsive, and flexes to adjust to the posture of different users. presenting the forma chair The Forma chair has various forms for different purposes:

  • The Forma 4 legged chair and Forma cantilever chair are popular classroom options.
  • The Forma swivel chair can be used as a teachers’ chair or in computer labs and other spaces where mobility is required.
  • The Forma mobile tablet chair has an organically shaped writing tablet and a rack below the seat, and is ideal for seminar rooms and training areas and other flexible spaces, as it is mobile on castors.

March 10, 2018