Colour your school!

Colour code your school!

Infuse the learning space with warmth, colour and humour.

Customise your colour combinations with contrasts and matches, from the wide palette offered by Infiniti: bright, cheerful and trendy colours to inject learning spaces with happiness and enthusiasm. To enthuse and engage young minds and offer the perfect setting for children and their art. Studies have proven that colour plays a big role in well-being, and various colours contribute to infusing the environment with qualities ranging from the calming to the stimulating. The school environment can be planned appropriately, based on the qualities and features desired across various spaces. Increasing trends indicate that schools are moving away from decorative elements like cartoon characters, to showcasing children’s creativity instead. What could be more appropriate than school spaces, providing a backdrop for children’s art to be showcased? This could be facilitated by neutral wall colours and wall boards scattered across common spaces to allow frequent and quick changes in art displays. happy tables in different shapes and colours

The learning space itself becomes a teaching aid.

The Infiniti preschool furniture range offers a wide selection of colours and shapes carefully designed to arouse curiosity and enable young children to learn while they play. Preschool tables are offered in many primary colours as well as shapes, which can be mixed and matched to create a vibrant atmosphere to enable learning. Bright primary colours like red, yellow, blue and green instantly appeal to young learners and give them a grasp on colour recognition. As the next step, children can proceed to understand the more subtle differences within the basic colours like shades and hues. Similarly, complementing the preschool range, Infiniti offers a variety of colourful and interesting options in preschool library, preschool storage as well as primary and secondary school furniture. girls on preschool furniture

Colour code your school.

Infiniti preschool furniture and school furniture is proudly manufactured in India to international standards. Colour combinations could be effectively used for colour coding in schools in many different ways; there could be floor wise, school section wise, school house colours and many other creative ways. Infiniti offers a wide variety of options to choose from, and has similarly customised colour schemes for schools in this fashion. For example, the company has offered colour coding for IB schools to demarcate the Primary years programme, Middle years programme, Diploma programme and Career-related programme, and many schools have opted for sectional colour coding. Colour code your school with Infiniti school furniture. IB school continuum

The effect of colours on children

An informative article on the effect of colour is © Filli Boya The Effect of Color (Renk Etkisi) 2017 It gives good insights into how colours affect children and their brains.

June 12, 2019