Be a Cool School…

Our consultants are less than 15 years old!

Schools have to keep up with the jargon and gadgetry echoing down the corridors! They need to invest in products with spiffy and minimalistic designs, trendy colours, and functionality in keeping with the newer technologies and teaching methods. Furniture which Gen next would identify with, enjoy using and therefore treat better. Infiniti regularly calls young users aged 3 to 15 to interact with new products and ideas at the development stage, to allow them to touch, feel, use and even fool around with in an informal and unstructured atmosphere. This gives an insight into how children engage with furniture, the manner of usage and handling which can even be rough. Children are given free rein to play with the products, climb on, jump off, lift and rearrange as they like. The observations from this play are then implemented into the product design especially for desks and chairs for students, to offer stronger and better deign as well as comfort. The point is to note is that Infiniti offers practical designs and high quality school furniture based on the practical usage tuned to the expectations of energetic young users which are often unconventional.

A few practical ideas Infiniti has implemented:

  • Overall safety aspects have been built into all designs and products
  • Improving stability by several children climbing onto tables, resulted in strong complete welded frame designs
  • Lighter weight was achieved in products to enable younger children to lift them
  • Smaller sizes were developed for single student use tables
  • Low height preschool tables were developed for both sitting on the floor to write on, and sitting on the same little table as a stool
  • Some adjustments and moveable parts in student desks were reduced when it was noticed that older children would constantly tend to fiddle with and distract the class
  • Back comfort and postural support for student chairs was improved
  • Ergonomic school furniture designs were fine- tuned based on observations during interactions

Safety is a vital element in school furniture design.

Because children use furniture very differently from us….

…and follow very different safety standards.

Safety means so much more than just supervision, because furniture is a critical element of safety in the classroom. Our products have inherent safety features like smooth surfaces, rounded corners, no sharp points, they are stable and sturdy, and have minimal moveable parts to survive rough-and- tumble use by energetic children. Because children must be children, and childhood must be cherished. Be a cool school, buy products endorsed and tested by our cool young consultants!

February 11, 2019