Safety and Health in the school

Safety in the school.

Educators and managements have a huge challenge on hand in providing and safe and healthy environment. Today this has assumed more importance and complexity than ever before. All aspects of the school and campus have to be thought through carefully from this point of view. Children are curious by nature and keen to explore and discover, and must be allowed experiential learning. Also, parents are more participative and would like their wards to have an overall and holistic experience. However, safety is an overwhelming concern among all stakeholders, on which there can be no compromise.

Thinking safety: Outdoor spaces

Thinking safety encompasses every aspect from the land, building, equipment and furniture.  The compound and landscaping have to be well finished with smooth and non-injurious elements. Playgrounds and outdoor spaces have to carefully examined for accident prevention, and be well-appointed with sturdy good quality equipment with rubberized floor or sand instead of hard flooring or gravel to minimise injuries. There should be no open manholes, wells or shafts which can pose danger. The compound should be properly walled with adequate security and cctv usage.

Thinking safety: Buildings & furniture

The building has to be well planned with good and airy ventilation, should allow adequate natural light to enter, have wide corridors and classrooms to comfortably accommodate the designated numbers of pupils. Further, adequate facilities have to be planned for other aspects like gymnasium, library, canteen, labs, and music room. In all these areas, good quality equipment bought from reputed vendors would ensure safety is factored into their products. There has to be provision for staff facilities for teachers, administrative staff, counsellors, and senior heads and supervisors, on every floor to facilitate adequate supervision.  

Children follow very different safety standards.

Child safety has many unexpected challenges, because children follow very different safety standards. They will use equipment in different ways than envisaged, and inject an element of play into everything. INFINITI is a school furniture manufacturer in India, proud to offer a complete range of preschool furniture and school furniture which is manufactured in-house. INFINITI also has an in-house product development team which constantly researches and innovates to provide high quality school furniture in India with safety being the primary underlying design premise. boy jumps off school desk

Furniture plays an important function.

Furniture is a critical element of safety in the classroom. Detailed attention to ergonomic comfort and stringent safety standards ensure peace of mind for parents and teachers. INFINITI school furniture is thoughtfully made, with strong attention to small details to incorporate safety features to avoid injury to young users. A few examples:

  • Rounded corners 
  • Smooth finish 
  • Glide protection 
  • No sharp edges 
  • No nails 
  • Hardware inserts 
  • Sturdy construction 
  • Balance 

April 1, 2019