Top Furniture Tips to Create an Inspiring Office Space

It is a well-known fact that people spend most of their waking hours in the workspace, more than at their homes. It is therefore important that the workspace is filled with positivity and inspiration. This does not necessarily come at a high cost, there are simple ways to incorporate ideas in an economic and quick manner.

Open Plan Office Workstations: Office furniture layouts should have modular workstations and screen based solutions rather than many closed cabins. A feeling of openness creates a more relaxed atmosphere, as well as better communication and bonding amongst people working in the office. Enclosed cabins create a divide and encourage hierarchical differences, which discourages office workers from mingling. Further, these divisions make spaces look smaller, whereas open plan offices give the impression of large expanses of space.  Infiniti offers low height partitions with tile based systems like Optima and P60, as well as desk based workstations with screens.

p60 panel workstation

Break Away Spaces: Small breakaway spaces should be scattered throughout the office to encourage people to have informal meetings and breaks. Small tables in unusual shapes and bright colours would offer the perfect setting for such areas. Infiniti has designed office furniture especially for this purpose. Stand-up tables like Orbit, allow a quick conference with coffee on the go.

Stylus amoeba table

Colourful and Cheerful: Office furniture should have some bright and cheerful colour schemes which are uplifting and inspirational. A word of caution here, about not going overboard with too many bright colours, which can have the reverse effect by actually disturbing workers. Some colours absorb and reflect hues which can cause headaches and distraction. There should be the right balance between cool and calm colours, with some excitement created by smaller patches of accents in brighter shades. Infiniti has projects with such balanced colour schemes with cool greys and whites accented by lime greens or reds.

alpha office workstation

Flexible and Dynamic: Change is the only constant. The contemporary office must respond to changing dynamics and of the modern workplace. Infiniti offers flexible office furniture products like flip folding table and lean mobile table which can be folded, rearranged and relocated easily to ably support the demands of multi-functional spaces. The same space can be used for conference, training, dining or as work desks by a quick rearrangement. This is also an essential requirement for co-working spaces which are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

flip table manufacturer Goa

Sound Absorption Elements: Offices should be aware of sound disturbances in the office: a lot of sound is created by people speaking, phones, printers and copiers and all movements. These sounds are further amplified by hard, reflective surfaces which make them bounce back even louder. To counter this, office spaces should also have soft surfaces which can absorb sound and help creating a more peaceful atmosphere allowing people to be more productive. Floor carpeting is a good concept, to which some soft office furniture elements like sofasupholstered chairs and partitions with fabric cladding should be added. Infiniti has many soft furnishing items to fill this need.

These concepts would certainly help in creating an inspirational workspace and enhance productivity.

granada 2 and 3 seater sofas

January 2, 2020