Design considerations for school furniture

Design considerations for School furniture

School furniture demands a special emphasis on careful design to incorporate both, safety as well as strength. To adequately support enthusiastic and energetic young users.

 Learning should be in a safe environment

Children must be children, and childhood must be cherished. Safety means so much more than just supervision, because furniture is a critical element of safety in the classroom. Infiniti preschool furniture has inherent safety features like smooth surfaces, rounded corners, no sharp points, and items are stable, balanced and sturdy. They are designed to have minimal moveable parts, which typically cause problems in practical terms of usage. They are designed to survive rough-and-tumble use by energetic children.


Products should be of high quality.

Maintenance-free school furniture.

Quality begins with thoughtful design, robust construction keeping in mind dynamic little users and careful selection of high quality raw materials to enhance good performance. There should be quality control systems at every stage of the manufacturing process, to offer products of high durability, efficient functioning. An important factor for schools is minimal maintenance and servicing of school furniture, which should provide years of trouble free usage. Every item of Infiniti preschool furniture and school furniture item is created with stringent quality parameters starting from design to raw materials through process. Infiniti makes in India, world class high quality School and Office furniture since over 21 years, with ISO 9001:2015 certified operations. Every Infiniti furniture item is created with stringent quality parameters starting from design to raw materials through process. ISO TUV 9001:2015 logo

The dynamic classroom.

Fold. Stow. Lift. Connect. Rearrange. Move. Stack.

The buzzwords floating down school corridors nowadays echo these expressions. Change is the only constant in this day and age; newer teaching methods and technologies in schools place a demand on the furniture elements to respond. Light, stackable and mountable furniture lets teachers and institutions quickly adapt classrooms to different activities, or switch between for individual and team work; so that dynamic learning spaces can be reorganised with minimal effort. Infiniti manufactures many items of school furniture to facilitate and support the dynamic classroom.


Learning should be stimulating and engaging

Infuse the learning space with warmth, colour and humour.

Studies have proven that children learn and absorb best in a positive and cheerful environment. Colours play a big role in contributing to this, and schools can make their spaces cheerful and inviting; this would enthuse and stimulate young learners aiding the learning process. Infiniti provides a wide palette of bright, cheerful and trendy colours to inject learning spaces with happiness and enthusiasm. Customise your colour combinations with contrasts and matches, use colour to designate areas to engage young minds and offer the perfect backdrop to children and their art.


Learning must be comfortable.   

Ergonomic comfort in the classroom.

Children do tend to spend long hours at school, and a more comfortable environment would surely facilitate better absorption. Tired bodies and weary minds would be a hindrance to learning. Relaxed and calm surroundings, and comfortable furniture would play a big role in keeping children at their bright and engaging best. With over 21 years of experience in the in-house design and manufacture of school furniture in India, Infiniti has supplied to over 6000 schools across the country. The company has closely studied the needs and spatial considerations to offer comprehensive and carefully thoughtful solutions for every aspect and function of the school environment. Infiniti offers ergonomic designs in age and height appropriate sizes offering strong postural support to young growing bodies.


May 1, 2019